Preceptorship Programme

A preceptorship at Cygnet Health Care provides newly qualified nurses with the best possible start to their career. Our Preceptorship Programme prepares employees for their professional role, outlines best practice and helps to ensure the safety of staff and patients.

The programme is designed to take place during the first six months of employment and includes the following elements:

  • Support from Cygnet’s Preceptorship Development Manager
  • Minimum two shifts per week working with your nominated preceptor
  • Preceptee supernumery 1st week on ward
  • Monthly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) days off the ward (specialist and general)
  • Clinical supervision, minimum 1 session per month
  • Managerial supervision, minimum 1 session per month
  • Preceptee Group Meetings on site and across the Cygnet group
  • Pay rise on completion of preceptorship
  • Completion certificate and confirmation letter
  • Excellent training opportunities

During the six months following completion of the preceptorship, you and your preceptor will compile an action plan to further enhance your identified strengths and address any areas that require development. This will take you to your first annual appraisal.

“I have had an excellent experience being a preceptorship nurse here at Cygnet. I feel that I have gained a great deal of confidence in my role as a nurse. “Sarah, RMN

For more information on our Preceptorship Programme, please contact our Preceptorship Development Manager, Angela Pereira at