Expertise in every detail

We pride ourselves in our clinical excellence, and key to maintaining these standards are the excellent Consultants and Specialty Doctors who lead our medical team. Their deep expertise ensures we can deliver the highest quality mental health care across all our hospitals.

Expand your clinical horizons

As with every professional discipline at Cygnet, we offer support and high-quality supervision to our junior doctors in order to develop their chosen specialisation. This is a commitment that is apparent across the organisation from the moment you arrive, from generous opportunities for study leave to mentorship and guidance under senior clinicians. We’ve recently gone to lengths to improve our Clinical Management structures, along with expanding access to training and research.

We also reward our Doctors generously for their hard work and expertise, with excellent benefits and competitive rates of pay. Opportunities for flexible working arrangements are also available to ensure you can grow your career and personal life in the way you want.


“Service users want and deserve the best care possible, delivered in a manner accessible to them. Cygnet Doctors do this, with support from an innovative organisation, that values its medical staff, their aspirations, well-being and career development, through life-long learning. We are interested in recruiting motivated Doctors who give the highest quality care.”

Dr Robert Verity, Interim Group Clinical Director


Work alongside inspiring people

Stepping into a medical role at Cygnet is a chance to join an exceptionally supportive and knowledgeable team.

Providing leadership and oversight to our senior staff, Interim Group Clinical Director Dr Robert Verity is ensuring that we continue to lead the way in patient care, including making significant changes to the role of our doctors to attract the best applicants.

As such, our roles now offer greater responsibility and autonomy, inviting opportunities for greater innovation into the future.

Do you think a Clinical role at Cygnet could be the perfect next move for your career?

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