The support that our outcomes depend on

With 96 hospitals and residential services in our network, the high-quality care we deliver depends on an exceptional Group Support team behind the scenes. Take a closer look at the essential skills we always need, and the difference they make every day.

The support behind our care

From clinical specialists to care roles, all our colleagues depend on an efficient well-organised infrastructure to do their jobs effectively. Delivering the highest standards of care simply couldn’t happen without the professional excellence displayed in a wide range of support roles across the group. Achieving positive outcomes is a job that happens both inside our hospitals and out.

If you want a job that makes a real difference to all kinds of peoples’ lives, our support roles could be just what you’re looking for.

Find a role that lets you grow

We always require motivated individuals to fulfil a wide range of challenging roles, each of them essential to smooth operations across our organisation. If you have the right background and expertise, and the positive attitude that runs through every aspect of our culture, we can provide the kind of career opportunities that will take you in the direction you want to go, including CPD training to enhance your professional qualifications.

These areas include roles in: 

  • Recruitment
  • HR
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • IT

Give support, receive support

As well as giving support you’ll get plenty of it back from your immediate colleagues.

When you join our Group Support you’ll become a valued member of an enthusiastic team, working alongside dedicated specialists who all share the same goal of excellence in care.

We’re very proud to have a warm, welcoming atmosphere and highly engaging culture, the perfect environment for rewarding long-term relationships and close collaborations to thrive.

Do you think a Group Support role at Cygnet could be the perfect next move for your career?

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