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As part of our holistic model we provide high quality education to the children and young adults in our care. Professionals joining our team will deliver teaching alongside therapies in supportive learning environments for all ages, within roles that are naturally challenging and rewarding, with opportunities to train and grow themselves.

Teaching as tailored as our care

We take the quality of our education as seriously as our care. All of our educational provision is delivered by fully qualified instructors in safe, nurturing environments tailor-made for children and young people facing a variety of challenges.

By ensuring they receive the very best education alongside the highest quality care all year, our teaching team can make a real positive difference that helps them reach their potential.


“Phoenix school has helped me build a future for myself after being in hospital, and let me see past the problems I was facing.”







Student, Phoenix School, Cygnet Hospital Sheffield


Carefully shaped for the least disruption

Our curriculum is shaped to each student’s full-time prior education provision, minimising disruption and maximising opportunities to return to full-time education.

Each student has a bespoke individual learning plan, tailored to meet their own needs, and we’ve developed a range of schemes for each key stage and subject for teachers to draw on, as appropriate.

This ensures that learning is always relevant and pitched at the right level. While schemes are structured according to age and ability, we generally teach students based on the personal goals outlined in their learning plans.

Our curriculum

We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all students, but complex mental health issues can prevent some young people from being able to access full-time education. Therefore, in order to provide the broadest access, we prioritise the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science with additional opportunities in Humanities, PSHE and Creative Learning.

Timetables are structured to allow for integral therapeutic activities and we place British values and spiritual, moral, social and cultural development at the heart of everything we do. The curriculum is very carefully managed for individual needs – and reviewed annually by the board – to help ensure all young people can acquire the key Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills that will help them in later life.

How we teach

To deliver the curriculum, our teachers employ a variety of methods and styles. Pupils are taught in small groups, and on an individual basis, depending on pupils’ needs.

This approach allows teachers to match curriculum-based tasks to the ability, interest and health needs of the individual.

All our teaching is well-resourced and designed to reinforce the links between subjects, to make connections across curriculum boundaries.

The beliefs behind our teaching

Our teaching is based on a number of core beliefs, the most important of which is that young people with mental health needs have a right to excellent quality education, and that this plays an important role in improving their well-being.

We also believe that:

  • All young people have a right to feel safe and secure
  • Everyone should be valued for who they are and know they have a voice and will be listened to
  • Everyone has a right to be included within the wider community on equal terms
  • Learning should be stimulating, challenging and relevant
  • All staff should be ambitious about what they can achieve in their role, and empowered to impact on pupil outcomes.

Embracing every opportunity and challenge

Our teaching staff work sensitively around a range of challenging contexts, including working with young people who have severe mental illness and that exhibit a high level of risk, and those with a history of offending. In supporting our teachers to overcome these challenges and engage students in reaching their educational goals, we are able to create roles filled with opportunities, along with the chance to train and push your own education further.

Lessons are taught in classrooms equipped with a range of resources, from high stimulus activities such as computer suites and Arts and Crafts, to low stimulus room spaces. Other tools such as Chromebooks and electronic musical equipment are provided to help teachers get the most out of their sessions, whatever the needs of the group are.

Join an inspiring team

Our specialist wards provide a warm and homely environment.

Teaching is complemented with therapeutic support provided by a diverse and specialist multi-disciplinary team, including a Specialist Consultant Psychiatrist, Clinical Psychologists, BACP Registered Therapists, Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Social Workers and others.

Working as part of our teaching team is a chance to join a dedicated and supportive team, that will help you achieve your best whilst building rewarding long-term relationships with colleagues in a range of disciplines.


“I enjoy education, it has helped me a lot with my anxiety and I have gained confidence by being around people again.”


– Student