Apprenticeships Scheme

Cygnet offers an apprenticeship programme that is open to all staff or all ages. Apprenticeship are a work-based learning programme that enables you to gain new knowledge and skills that can lead to certificated industry qualifications.

Our Apprenticeship scheme is provided by Lifetime Training and other external partners. The Apprenticeship programmes are fully funded by Cygnet and will always be delivered by government approved providers who are committed to delivering quality, learner friendly programmes and training courses.

There are many benefits to joining programme such as the opportunity to earn while you learn, training is tailored to specific job roles making them flexible to your needs and for most of the qualifications learning takes happens in your work place.

What qualifications are available?

The following qualifications are available now through our apprenticeship scheme. Click on the links to find out more:

Apprenticeship Criteria

To be accepted for a Cygnet Apprenticeship you must complete the application process and meet the following criteria:

  • You must be aged 18-64
  • You should be working at 30 hours per week (minimum of 16 hours)
  • You should not be in any other form of education or training
  • You must have lived within the UK or EU for the last three years and have the right to remain indefinitely


  • You will be visited by a Trainer in work for two hours every month.
  • The training is all work-based and assessed in your work place.
  • The course generally lasts between 12- 18 months.
  • For apprentices on the new standard qualifications you will be required to complete an end point assessment as part of the qualification. You will be advised of this by your regional trainer.