Our Benefits

Cygnet Health Care staff are rewarded with a range of benefits:

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Pay and reward
At Cygnet we strive to ensure our pay is competitive. We believe people should be rewarded for performance and contribution as well as qualifications and experience. You will receive a competitive, salary which you have the opportunity to supplement through voluntary overtime. We are also committed to helping you in your own professional development and will support you whether you choose to take a formal or informal route to learning and/or further education.
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Flexible contracts
At Cygnet we know that people have busy lives which is why we offer flexible working patterns. Talk to us about how we can work with you and our hospital managers to find a good balance.
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Cygnet Maternity, Paternity and adoption benefits
At this special time, Cygnet staff can be assured they are receiving a full programme of support. As well as statutory maternity pay and benefits, Cygnet offers enhanced maternity pay after a qualifying period. We provide Paternity Pay, at statutory levels for the supporting parent. And if you are adopting a child or children we provide Adoption Pay at statutory levels.
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Company Pension Scheme
We offer a defined contribution scheme to which permanent can contribute.
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Childcare Vouchers
This benefit allows employees to save money by paying for registered childcare through a salary exchange, reducing their gross salary up to a maximum of £55 per week, thus producing a tax saving, and reducing the cost of childcare.
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Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
Cygnet provides staff support through a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP offers legal, financial and practical information, as well as confidential counselling. It is open to all permanent staff at Cygnet and their partners or family members. It is free to access and operates every day of the year.
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Subsidised Meals in our Hospitals and Homes
You will receive subsidised or free meals in all our hospitals and nursing homes.
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Cycle to Work Scheme
Cygnet participates in a Cycle to Work scheme. We provide you with a bicycle and safety equipment through a salary exchange, typically saving more than 30% on the cost of the equipment through a reduction in the tax you pay.


The individuals in our care are just that – individuals. They are a diverse group and if we are to achieve our goal of making a positive difference in their lives then our organisation must be equally diverse. That’s why at Cygnet we are constantly challenging ourselves to ensure we are genuinely inclusive, and can harness the power of the diversity of life experience that we have in our teams.

We actively foster an inclusive culture within Cygnet, and know that by doing this we create a welcoming environment in which both individuals in our care, and our employees can thrive. We encourage and celebrate diversity of all kinds at every level, but we are not complacent. If you have the skills, knowledge, and values to contribute to our culture and ensure our workplace is rewarding for the individuals within it then we want to hear from you, whoever you are.

Safety, Quality & Compliance

At Cygnet Health Care, we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality behavioural care to those in mental health, rehabilitation and learning disability services.

We expect all of our employees to deliver the highest standards of treatment and care, with a true focus on outcomes for those who use or commission our services. We are an experienced, service-user focused, provider of quality treatment, care and rehabilitation. We aspire to be pioneers of training programmes and to be world class providers of mental health services. We strive to be a beacon of good practice for other mental health organisations by being crystal-clear about safety, quality, compliance and governance.

Our services are safe and effectively regulated. We measure our success by providing objective, quantitative and auditable data that measures outcomes, effectiveness and user experience to continuously drive improvement.

The primary responsibility of the department is to support the group in delivering the safety, quality and compliance agenda. Providing leadership and direction, the department is structured into three divisions: safety, quality and compliance.

Our sector is regulated by two main bodies: the Care Quality Commission (CQC), which reports on health and adult social care services in England, and Ofsted, which inspects and regulates services that care for children and young people, in addition to those providing education for learners of all ages.

We have a strong track record of clinical quality which is supported by robust outcome data made available to commissioners. Our facilities are inspected by external bodies through the CQC or Ofsted – alongside other regulatory standards that capture the high level of compliance that our estate meets. Our latest regulation checks discovered that 92.6% of our hospitals are rated as good or outstanding.

Our commitment to the people in our care is to be a market leader in innovation and best practice, and so we follow the latest guidance and evidence available for our sectors.

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Learning & Development

Learning and development is fundamental to Cygnet as it enables us to help you develop the highest levels of skill, knowledge and competency to support the people in our care while also achieving your own career goals.

We believe in creating a learning environment where all staff are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential. We have our own dedicated Learning and Development team who coordinate and deliver quality learning opportunities for all our team members.

We use a blended approach to our learning programmes which include a combination of ELearning modules and ‘face to face’ workshops and courses.

So however you see your future, we are well equipped to help you develop yourself, whether you choose to take a formal or informal route to learning and/or further education. You will receive all the support and feedback you need as well as assistance and encouragement to help you achieve your goals.